Monday, December 8, 2014

AMC JAVELIN: Top 5 Classic Performance Car Steals

(SOURCE:  Top five classic performance car steals | Fox News 12/5/14)

The first-generation Mustang fastback is perhaps one of the best-looking pony cars around. The trouble is they’ve gotten super-pricey. Respectable cars are all well north of $30,000 now. Enter the AMC Javelin, American Motors’ answer to the Mustang. They’re extremely good-looking rear-wheel-drive V-8 performance cars, and like the Mustang, Challenger and Camaro, the Javelin did very well in the SCCA Trans Am race series. While parts are a bit harder to find than those for a Mustang, they sell for less than half the price.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

1970 AMC AMX Model Kit REISSUE Coming!!

For model car builders, especially those who are AMC fans, this is a BID deal!  No... really... 1/20.  OK OK, so that is only slightly larger than the usual 1/24-25 scale we are used to, but the fact we are going to have ANY AMX kit reissued is great news.  And, to make things even better, this is the 1970 version, which is too much to handle!

(Yes, I am happy about this)

I have to confess, I have never seen the original version of the kit, so I don't know how accurate it was "in the day".  My guess is that the wheels are too wide.  We shall see...  Here's info from the Round2 website:

1970 AMC AMX

Item No: MPC814 Release Date: October 2014
MPC's AMX Returns in Super 1:20 Scale!
For its re-introduction, MPC's 1:20 Scale 1970 AMC AMX kit receives the full Retro Deluxe treatment! The original stock wheels and custom clear hood scoop have been retooled in order to recreate the 1970 "annual" version of the kit with multiple building options. Complete with irresistible vintage packaging and decals, this model will stir up plenty of excitement with AMC fans!

  • Scale: 1/20
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in White
    • Build stock, custom or drag racing versions
    • Retooled factory stock wheels and custom clear hood scoop
    • Two hood options
    • Stock tires and racing slicks included
    • Reproduction 1970 annual packaging
    • Full color decals

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

News From The Patent Office: Chrysler Registers "Rebel" Trademark

(SOURCE:  Ignitionist)

This just in from the US Patent and Trademark Office: On April 16th, Chrysler Group LLC filed for a new trademark, "Rebel."

The patent filing states that the trademark is meant to be used on goods and services that include "motor vehicles, namely automobiles, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles and structural parts therefor." 

In other words, Chrysler isn't just protecting an old asset it acquired in 1987 after purchasing American Motors, the last automaker to build a car in the US wearing the Rebel name. It seems they intend on using it in the near future.

How could Chrysler use its new trademark? Well, let's make a guess or two here. An imaginative but still likely possibility is that it could very well be the name of the rumored rear-drive Avenger replacement. It technically wouldn't be the first time Chrysler used the Rebel name on one of their cars (see the Australian Valiant Rebel above). A less optimistic guess would be that Chrysler might build a special edition of one its existing cars using the name (Dodge Charger Rebel does have an interesting ring to it).

Original source included this patent info

Chrysler Trademarks ‘Rebel’ Nameplate, Stirring the Ghost of AMC

(SOURCE:  Fox News)

Long before the official announcements and appearance of shiny concept cars, carmakers sometimes drop hints about their future product plans.

According to Ignitionist Chrysler has trademarked the name Rebel, meaning this name from the U.S. auto industry’s distant past could grace a new car (or truck) once again.

The Rebel was most notably used by American Motors Corporation (AMC) on its mainstream midsize model from 1967 to 1970. The Rebel was available in a variety of body styles, and there was even a performance version known simply as The Machine.

There’s some continuity here. Chrysler bought AMC in 1987, but scrapped everything except the Jeep and Eagle divisions.

The Rebel was long gone by then. It was replaced by the Matador in 1970, and things only got worse for AMC from there. An unfortunate alliance with Renault produced an unfortunate car named Alliance, the failure of which was among the factors that led to Chrysler’s takeover.

So while the original Rebel is now an American classic, invoking the sordid history of its maker may not be the intention here.

Rather, Rebel may just be a cool name that Chrysler wants to exploit. It’s thematically similar to Renegade, the name bestowed upon Jeep’s hot new small crossover, so the next Rebel may not be a car at all.

It’s also possible that Chrysler trademarked the name preemptively, either to prevent others from using it, or to reserve it for an undetermined future use.

Either way, in an age of alphanumeric German and Japanese luxury cars, it’s always nice to see a name on the tailgate, and Rebel has a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

UPDATE: Death & Resurrection

Maxi prepares for a long nap
It is official:  Maxi is off the road.

Yes, this week, I cancelled the car's license plates.  Next comes the insurance.  Maxi is still in storage far away, with timing chain issues.  I lost my parking spot across the street from our house, and so it isn't worth trying to fix right now.

So while Maxi is down for the count, my boyfriend Todd's 1973 AMX is being resurrected.

The car is in a shop, stripped down and almost ready for paint.  The photo here shows it last fall, with the interior out.  Todd isn't sure yet just what he's going to do with it when it is finished.  I think we need to wait until it is complete and running.  He may fall in love with it, he may not and sell it instead.  Time will tell...  He has a set of 15" slot steels for it, but now needs to source a set of hood hinges.  And then there's the 401 to think about...

Todd's '73 being stripped