Friday, March 23, 2012

UPDATE: Drip Fixed!!

Old hoses + fluid = messy
It has been a warm winter here in New England, so earlier this week I convinced my boyfriend Todd to help me install new power steering hoses in Maxi to see if they were indeed the cause of all my smoke & steam.

I fired up Maxi for the first time this year.  It would have started a lot quicker, but for some reason, the little plunger on the carb that pumps fuel needed a little persuasion to work, then it fired up just fine.  As usual, Todd did all the actual work... my job was to pick up dropped tools, provide copius amounts of paper towels, etc.


Also as usual, the replacement parts didn't completely fit.  The low pressure hose was pretty simple to install, but the high pressure one was totally different looking than the original.  It looks a bit silly, but it works.  We took the car around the block when we were done... and ran out of gas.  I guess 1/4 full on the gauge means empty.

We put a few gallons in yesterday, and today I took it for a short drive around town (partly to get more gas!).  It appears that all the power steering fluid that leaked and blew all over the engine has burned off, and now there is no smoke/steam.  That makes me very happy. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mitt Romney's Secret Service Code Name: JAVELIN

The word's out... I guess the Secret Service doesn't care if the public knows everyone's code name.  It was announced today on TV and various websites that presidential candidate Mitt Romney's code name is JAVELIN.  An obvious nod to his father's involvent with American Motors. 

Now, regardless of your political views, that is just plain COOL! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alabama State Police Javelin

Recently I became curious about the Alabama State Police Javelins, and if there were any original cars still owned by the agency.  Sure enough, I received an email from the PD stating there is one in the lobby of police headquarters, and one at the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alexander City, AL.  Thanks to Sergeant S.T. for sending along the info and photos! 

At the Wellborne Museum
Alabama S.P. Headquarters 
Alabama S.P. Headquarters 

Friday, March 16, 2012

GREAT 1968 Trans Am Javelin Photos!

Just found this link to some GREAT 1968 Trans Am Javelin photos!  Very useful if you are building a 1:1 or 1:24 scale replica!