Wednesday, April 30, 2014

UPDATE: Death & Resurrection

Maxi prepares for a long nap
It is official:  Maxi is off the road.

Yes, this week, I cancelled the car's license plates.  Next comes the insurance.  Maxi is still in storage far away, with timing chain issues.  I lost my parking spot across the street from our house, and so it isn't worth trying to fix right now.

So while Maxi is down for the count, my boyfriend Todd's 1973 AMX is being resurrected.

The car is in a shop, stripped down and almost ready for paint.  The photo here shows it last fall, with the interior out.  Todd isn't sure yet just what he's going to do with it when it is finished.  I think we need to wait until it is complete and running.  He may fall in love with it, he may not and sell it instead.  Time will tell...  He has a set of 15" slot steels for it, but now needs to source a set of hood hinges.  And then there's the 401 to think about...

Todd's '73 being stripped