Monday, February 26, 2018

NEW 3D Printed 1974 Javelin AMX and 1969 AMX Models!

GREAT NEWS for those of you who are into model railroading!  Through the magic of 3D printing, there is a shop at Shapeways that is now selling scale models of the 1974 Javelin AMX and also the 1969 AMX!!!  I, personally, am ECSTATIC!

So far, my only nit-pick is that the wheels look like Machine Wheels, which would not be found on a 1973-74 car (unless it is my boyfriend's... wink wink).  I think I can forgive that, especially in my scale of 1/160!

If you are also happy about this news, head on over to Mad About Cars and do a search.  They have a few different scales and options!