Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Wake Up!

After putting some gas into Maxi, I prepared to start it up for the first time this year.  The engine cranked, which was a bonus, as it meant the battery had juice left over from the fall.  But it wasn't catching, so I got out to pop the hood and make sure the carb was getting gas.  Well... as I reached for the little wire pull the previous owner set up to get the hood popped, I couldn't find it!

Long story short, after managing to get the car pushed back just enough to get in front of it in the garage, I found what was left of the wire pull, got the hood open, closed the "flapper" on the carb, and the car started right up!  The next step was getting some more gas, then a trip up and down the highway.

The photo here shows the car on it's first real ride of the season.  I took it out to Boxborough MA for a stamp show.  Not something you'd expect to see in a hotel parking lot during a non-car show!  Before I left town, though, I stopped to check the transmission fluid level.  Good thing I did... it was just about empty!